Sean McGinn- Maintenance Guidelines and Best Practices for Diesel Engines in Underground Mining

This white paper provides an overview of the general setting in which leading practice maintenance of diesel engines can be achieved.

The author shares information on:

  • Training
  • Tooling – fundamental and advanced technology
  • Best practices, and
  • Organisational culture (proactive attitudes)

Listings are provided of required tools and guidance is given on more advanced tools that can be used for deeper analysis of the chemical characteristics of diesel engine exhaust and computerised diagnosis of engine operation.

Conducting preventing, rather than on failure, maintenance and replacement of components is also highlighted as having benefits for achieving better DPM levels in the Underground environment.  In particular, an approach that encourages good communication between technical, maintenance and operational workers is highlighted as having positive benefits.

Detailed descriptions of and instructions for repairing the intake, exhaust and exhaust after-treatment systems is presented.

Maintenance Guidelines and Best Practices


Last Updated: 16/12/2020 09:08:53am