The Work Packages in this section focus on the successful implementation of new VI intervention controls (EMESRT Levels 8–9). This requires the integration of all VI Control Levels for a ‘whole of system’ improvement.

From the summary of new Vehicle Interaction Control opportunities (WBS 5.1 Relevant Options), assess the cost and benefit of each option based on:

  • The failure mode(s) being addressed
  • Practicality and impact, has the approach been applied elsewhere?
  • Time to effectively implement
  • Ease of implementation e.g. workforce acceptance
  • Impact on other MEI Controls
  • Integration with Mine of the Future strategy

Review and update site user requirements for Vehicle Interaction Controls.

  • Update and confirm site functional and performance requirements for new technology controls the update should reference the current Site Vehicle Interaction Control Framework.
  • Confirm relevant company Vehicle Interaction requirements for new technology controls (EMESRT Level 8 and 9) based on operation type: e.g. underground coal mining, underground hard rock mining, open cut mining, refinery etc.
  • Compare site and Company VI requirements, identify any difference e.g. additional site-specific requirements and/or restrictions e.g. requirement for machine swing interlocks and orebody precludes use of magnetic field PDS
  • Prepare a site functional and performance specification and review it against technology performance summaries of preferred PDS suppliers
  • Select the best fit from preferred PDS technology suppliers and request that they complete a summary of their product performance against site functional and performance requirements
  • Ensure that they meet minimum set requirements based on ACARP PDS validation framework (draft ISO standard)
  • Confirm site infrastructure requirements for each technology option
  • Summarise capability, installation and maintenance costs, upgrade potential, data management and fit with future mine digitisation plans and other relevant information for each option
5.3 New VI Control Selection


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