EMESRT is committed to sharing information with industry in an open and transparent manner to increase industry knowledge and capability.

To continue this commitment, Mark Geerssen (EMESRT Advisory Group member representing Rio Tinto) and Sara Pazell (Director, ViVA health at work) travelled from Brisbane to Sydney to present at the 31 Mechanical Engineering Safety Seminar held in Sydney.

The presentation provided forum participants with an insight into EMESRT, followed by the tyre and rim management industry initiative, with a focus on tyre handlers.

The tyre handler part of the presentation covered the human factors aspects of tyre handling using the recently published video-based animated storyboards.

EMESRT developed 18 video-based animated storyboards, with 17 depicting events that can give rise to fatalities, and one compilation video explaining the EMESRT Control Framework approach in tyre handling operations.

The animated storyboards are freely available on the EMESRT website with the hope of stimulating shared interest in design improvements via visual storytelling.

Thank you to Mark and Sara for making the time to travel to Sydney and present.

Mark and Sara have subsequently been asked to present the status of the EMESRT projects to the NSW Mining Engineering Managers Safety Seminar on 18 and 19 October 2023. 

Tyre and rim industry initiative presented at the MESS Forum 2023